Celebrate Christmas in July, 2023

Celebrate Christmas in July, 2023

Host a Proper Christmas in July Celebration this July 24 and 25

For those of us who love Christmas cheer and who take joy in exchanging gifts, Christmas in July, or “half Christmas” as some revelers call it, can be the perfect “warm up” for the season just six months away. Many of us associate “Christmas in July” with cheesy local car dealership ads or mattress warehouse promos blaring noisily from a console TV in the den, but did you know that in the US, Christmas in July is first recognized from a summer camp event held every year at Keystone Camp in Brevard, North Carolina? Christmas in July is celebrated, that’s right! On the 24th and 25th of July, just as Christmas is celebrated on the 24th and 25th of December.

Girls celebrate Christmas in July at summer camp

People enjoy Christmas-in-July themed celebrations, parties, and decor from Europe to Australia and around the world. Australians, for example, experiences their winter during the northern hemisphere’s summer months. July can be as cold and blustery “down under” as December can be in the US. If you enjoy watching delicate snowflakes fall outside from a cozy cabin indoors, Australia can be your perfect “Christmas in July” getaway. Consider attending Yulefest in Australia’s Blue Mountains.

How to Celebrate Christmas in July Right Where You Are

Christmas is all about the spirit of the season. In Bethlehem, in fact, temps are in the 50’s throughout December. It’s not quite the heat we get in the US, but it’s good to remember that “away in a manger,” wasn’t as snowy a night as we might create through popular imagination.

If you can feel the warmth in your heart as you feel the warmth on your skin, celebrate poolside with decorations, reindeer shaped cookies and a gift exchange. If you prefer a chill in the air and the joy of a woolen sweater, crank up the AC and set up your living room tree as you would if it were the day after Thanksgiving.

Most Christmas in July celebrations are held on or about the 24th and 25th of July. For a social get together, consider Saturday or Sunday, July 22nd or 23rd.

Decorate Your Christmas in July Tree

Most Christmas in July celebrations include a tree and easy to set up ornaments. The idea is to keep it light and fun. Try these House of Pixen ornaments at 25% off their regular price all month long!
Glint, Gleam, Glimmer, and Glow

These shiny ornaments will catch the light of fireworks outside your house just as they catch the light of Christmas lights from your tree. Made of metal and rhinestone, these ornaments are a great addition to your Christmas in July. Hang them from your mantle, or add them to your tree.

Woodland bell

Woodland Bell

Our wool collection is 25% off throughout July. This hand sewn, three sided wool bell adds a natural feel to any holiday decor. Made of earth friendly New Zealand wool and hand died with AZO free dyes in a hydropowered facility in Nepal, our production process takes into account sustainability and health.


What would a Christmas in July party be without the opportunity to steal a kiss under the mistletoe? Our felted wool mistletoe avoids the allergic reactions that can come from natural mistletoe, and lasts year round for those who love to “rock around” the Christmas tree.

Don’t forget your fill ornaments!

These red bobbin and white snowball ornaments bring the softness of a snow blanketed tree to your half Christmas decor. Easy to store and set up, these ornaments are a great addition to any Christmas in July display.

Wool Ornaments

Wool skirts

Our wool skirts add the perfect finish to your tree. 60 inches in diameter, these establish the base for your tree and provide ample room for piling gifts at the holidays and at the half holidays!

Wool Christmas Tree Skirts

Things to do during Christmas in July

Host a Playful Christmas in July Gift Exchange

It is noted in Keystone Camp’s records that a major activity during Christmas in July was an annual Secret Santa exchange. Children would pick a name of a camper or counselor from a hat and use the crafting hall to make a gift for their selected individual. The current director recalled her father receiving a bejeweled toilet bowl plunger as a gift one year.

Christmas In July Gift Exchange

You don’t have to craft, but setting a price on gifts for Christmas in July can keep the activity light and fun.

Sing Carols or Popular Christmas Tunes

One of the best activities friends can do together is sing. Consider keeping a triangle or castanets for that friend who just doesn’t want to make their voice heard. Silent Night, All I want for Christmas, Run Rudolph Run, Last Christmas, and of course, you can Whamageddon your friends super early by closing out the song list with Last Christmas.

Binge Christmas movies

So, you might want to exchange the popcorn for hot cocoa and marshmallows, for this one, but a Christmas movie binge is certainly in order for those who truly heart the holiday. It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Carol, A Charlie Brown Christmas, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Scrooged, Die Hard… You get the drift. When it comes to Christmas, there’s a film for everyone.

Maybe instead of eating popcorn during your binge you can string the popcorn and decorate your flat screen and mantle.

Make it a Not-So-Silent Night, or Afternoon

Christmas in July Block Party

Does your city allow block parties? Go big by getting a permit, blocking off your street and inviting everyone and their kids for a Christmas themed block party. Some cities will even rent you a party trailer with a sound system and tables for activities.

Bring it down to earth

Decidedly, Christmas in July can become very Kitsch, but it doesn’t have to be. The spirit of Christmas is all about joy, care, and giving. Christmas in July, just like regular Christmas can be an opportunity to give back, fund-raise for a charitable cause, or just come together with loved ones.

Whatever you do to celebrate Christmas in July remember kindness and the value each one of us bring to the world. That feeling and that recognition are the greatest gifts of all.

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