The Contessa Christmas Ornament: Inspired by Eugenia Pardue

The Contessa Christmas Ornament: Inspired by Eugenia Pardue

The Contessa holiday ornament by House of PIXEN

The "Contessa" is the first mouth-blown glass Christmas ornament created as a collaboration between PIXEN™ and a contemporary exhibiting artist.  The ornament "The Contessa" was inspired by Eugenia Pardue's work in mixed acrylic paint titled “Empress of Cascading Coronal.”

Euginia created a unique style with her work, saying, "After I received a BFA and MFA in fine art, I still followed the herd, making work that the market demanded."

By stepping away from the market to develop her style, the artist created a new contemporary vision, one that merges minimalism with what the artist calls the "Primordial Magnificence of nature."

Eugenia Pardue in the studio

Now, you can purchase that vision in miniature: a decorative ornament upon which to reflect. As delicate as a flower on a hanging vine, this work serves to connect its viewer to the world of art, things that are developed and refined as a fine craft, and the world of nature, things that are unruly, organic, and of themselves. Together, the elements that make up this ornament represent true beauty. Display the Contessa as a centerpiece, focal point in a room, or as one of many House of PIXEN™ ornaments, each of which carries its own story and spirit of the holidays.

This ornament has 250 decorative pearls on each or 83 per side with the drop as a final statement. The Contessa comes in both silver-trimmed Contessa Gilded and all White Contessa shown in the image above.  This is a part of The House of PIXEN™ Collection.

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