Christmas Wreaths and Greenery

The Greeks used the laurel wreath as a symbol of power. Successful athletes would be crowned in laurel after winning their competitions hearkening back to the mythical story of Apollo and Daphne. Apollo pursued Daphne until she turned herself into the laurel tree to get away, at which point Apollo crowned himself with a sprig of her leaves. A bit of a creepy origin story for a symbol of success.

Nonetheless, the wreath has remained an important symbol from antiquity on. During the 1500’s revelers in Europe took the branches clipped from decorative trees, fashioning them into a circular form to represent the circle of life. These wreaths were hung atop the tree - the first tree topper. Over time, these wreaths were moved from the tree to doorways, mantles, and gates as a symbol of welcome and joy.

The House of Pixen draws from the wreath and greenery in numerous ways. Our Bugle Bead Spheres recall the early use of greenery to celebrate the eternal cycle of life.

Wreaths are used to celebrate many holidays. Our Easter and Christmas ornaments display with elegant style framed in our Easter Wreath Stand. For Christmas display, simply change out the bow.

Bugle bead strands make for classy, elegant decor. String them along mantles or incorporate them as one element within a wreath design of your own making.