Cotton and Wool Christmas Ornaments

Cotton batting was used in the manufacture of mass-produced ornaments at the dawn of the 20th century. Cotton would be wrapped around a form and then decorated with paint, mica sprinkles, paper and more. The ornaments took on the form of fruits and vegetables, hearkening back to the early pagan and Christian holiday trees, and also figurines.

Of course, for the kids, some of these ornaments were crafted to hide a piece of candy. Wrapped in the batting, or hidden in a paper box crafted into the form, these sweets could be accessed by either tearing the form apart or delicately finding the candy and removing it from its secreted place.

Today, fine fiber-formed ornaments utilize organic wool, a sustainable, high quality and long-lasting material. Wool has been the ideal material for House of Pixen Snowball ornaments, Fallen Snow tree skirts, Woodland Stocking, Woodland Bell, mistletoe and more. These Christmas decorations just beg viewers to reach out and touch them.