What eligible bachelor or bachelorette doesn’t want to steal a kiss under the mistletoe? This tradition spans time from prehistory to today. Mistletoe was seen as a symbol of fertility in ancient times and was incorporated into the pantheon of Christmas symbols during the 1700’s. It was English servants who instilled the tradition of, if not a full-on snog, at least sneaking a peck from your prospective love beneath a sprig of this elegant plant.

To constrain festivities from turning the corner into utter bacchanal, one set of instructions required the kisser to pluck a white berry from the sprig. When the berries disappeared the kissing must end. Invariably, a rule-bound governess would likely hover in the wings to ensure compliance with strict, or almost strict decorum. Singing, feasting, exchanging gifts and light conversation were the proper activities for the rest of the evening.

For the cause, we offer this hand-crafted wool Mistletoe sprig. Unfortunately, revelers must use their own discretion and recognize the consent of the subject of their ardor, as no berries can be plucked from our woodland-inspired mistletoe.