Paper Chrismas Ornaments

When FW Woolworth began importing Christmas decorations produced overseas in Europe he included a selection of paper ornaments among the glass baubles, painted tin, fabric stockings.

Garlands made of paper rings quickly became a low-cost way to add color and movement to a decorated tree. In addition to garlands, three-dimensional “Dresdens” named after the German town where they originated, were commonly sold for just a few pennies. Dresdens were made by placing card stock, thick paper or cardboard into a press mold. Two sides were made, then trimmed and glued together. The paper forms were then painted and decorated with metal foils or other adhered materials.

Carrying on the tradition of crafting ornaments in paper, The House of Pixen presents a line of finely crafted paper decorations. These ornaments depict delicate, abstract forms, candles, snowflakes and flowers. Celebrate the season with a collection of hand-crafted ornaments that bring forth both contemporary elegance and a nod to tradition at the same time.