And Even More Holiday Decor

Holiday decor? Even more!


Tinsel with champagne glasses

One of the most important features of a classic Christmas Tree is that it glint, glisten and gleam in the light. Tinsel, which today is most often made of synthetics like PVC, has been on a long journey. In its earliest form, in 1610 at Nuremberg, tinsel was made of silver, hammered flat and cut into strips. Silver was a precious metal and adding it to a tree represented the wealth of the owner or sponsor of the tree design. To make a marketable commodity of this popular addition, less costly materials like tin (hence the name ‘tin’sel) and copper were used to create the decorative strands. Aluminum made an appearance, but due to its flammability, that didn’t last long. Finally, machine-manufactured PVC materials filled the mass market gap, resulting in the materials we see most often today.

For a truly custom tree, the House of Pixen uses classic materials like glass beads, crystal, and metal wire to create holiday decor with the quality to last generations. Add sparkle to your tree this year with these decorations.



Star and twine In the origin story of our beloved holiday, three wise men followed a celestial light: a star that led them to a manger in Bethlehem where a baby was born and placed in a manger. They suspected, but did not know, that this child’s story would change the world.

The star is an important symbol on any Christmas tree and it can serve as a topper and as one decoration among many on the tree itself. Our star tree topper is carefully crafted out of a three-dimensional frame and decorated with thousands of glass bugle beads. Together, these materials catch and reflect the light, creating a unique ambiance over any other tree topper in the market.


The myth that stands behind the tradition of hanging stockings by the chimney with care comes from St. Nicholas, the third-century bishop who used his significant inheritance after the early death of his parents to give to the poor. That much is true.

This particular story about Nicholaus reaches into flights of fancy that become the foundation for the story of Santa Claus. As it goes, St. Nick learned about a poor widower who was unable to scrape together the funds for a dowry to support the marriage of his three daughters to eligible bachelors. The man was proud, wanting to earn the money of his own merit, and refused all offers and gifts to fulfill the dowry. Not to be dissuaded, our patron saint snuck down the chimney at night, depositing the funds necessary into three of the daughter’s stockings which had been hung by the mantle to dry. The next morning, the family came upon the gold coins, and recognizing the blessing of a surprise, unrequested windfall, used the money to wed each of the daughters, securing their futures.

The stocking is a reminder that to truly gift is to give the recipient something that will fulfill a need, but that the recipient isn’t ready, willing, or prepared to ask for.

To recognize the importance of this gifting tradition, we’ve crafted high-quality stockings with the materials and feel to set the tone.

Try our stockings to make your mantle truly hung with care.

And a Very Merry Christmas to All!

Holiday decorations have always served two roles - private enjoyment and lavish display. We hope that your tree this holiday season can play this dual purpose, with decorations that are individually beloved yet assembled with a presentation that speaks to luxury and that can’t be found anywhere else. That is why we have taken so much care in designing and selecting only the right materials and creating limited quantities due to the craft and care involved in making each one.

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